Thursday, 4 April 2013

(Day 258) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center Day 8 (Part 2) D-?


2 eggs
soy milk
Lunchrice & kimchi
kimchi soup
Korean style pancake
Dinnerrice & kimchi
slimy seaweed salad
seafood stew

Officials (and by official, I mean a Korean national employed by the Canadian embassy) are supposed to visit today. They were supposed to visit yesterday, but never showed up and I actually requested to see them over a week ago. I don't need them now, so I hardly see the point. It's just a waste of time now. Unless they're bringing me books, a plane ticket or an escort to the airport, their presence is completely fucking useless. Their only function is to insure the Korean government doesn't completely abuse our human rights... Oh yeah-- and trade.

 Their real job is to sell Canadian goods overseas. Protecting citizens is a side gig to fill in the time, when they find the time-- like in my case, over a week later-- when all the wounds have healed and bruises faded. The documents shredded and discarded. I'm being unfair, I know. The Canadian embassy officials can only do so much in a foreign country with foreign laws and even then, so much isn't much at all.

It’s like talking to a shrink. They nod their heads and take notes and make suggestions, but all the logic and debate in the world can't change things. All they can do is research cheap flights, which anybody can do, and bring me magazines, which anyone can do. They take my abuse complaint seriously, but what does that really accomplished? It’s my word against theirs (the Korean immigration officers) and I resisted arrest. The embassy can complain and the Koreans will say sorry, but nothing really happens. There is no change whatsoever. The Korean immigration officers are still going to be racist pigs doing whatever they want and will never be held accountable. They are just a bunch of armed thugs backed by a corrupt government and the government is whoever is holding the gun.