Friday, 5 April 2013

(Day 259) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center Day 9 (Part 2) D-3


Breakfastsponge cake with cream filling
2 eggs
soy milk
Lunchrice & kimchi
chicken soup
salad with gelatin/tofu
Dinnerrice & kimchi
fish soup
radish & apple salad

Last night I swallowed my pride and ask my mom to get me the hell out of here and when I woke up this morning I was handed a ticket home. My nightmare is over in three days. I have a 3 hour layover in Vancouver, so I'll be able to see my daughter on Monday morning PST. I'm a bit little overwhelmed with the knowledge that I'm finally leaving Korea after nine years and eight days.

The asshole guards from a couple nights ago are back. This time, he not only complaint about the TV volume being too loud, but he came in turned it down and took away the remote so we can no longer change the channel. Talk about an abuse of power. Total asshole. If he hates his job so much, why even bother coming to work? I told him he had a small penis, but his English is too poor to understand, which is just as well or I would be spending my weekend in solitary confinement.

Going into the weekend, the current population is 17. There is 1 Canadian, Iranian, Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nigerian, 2 Thai and 8 Chinese.