Wednesday, 3 April 2013

(Day 257) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center Day 7 (Part 2) D-?


Breakfastbread with red bean filling
2 eggs
orange soy drink
Lunchrice & kimchi
bean sprouts in hot water
Dinnerrice & kimchi
chicken & potato
soybean soup & tofu

They installed brand new 42 inch LED flat screen TVs in every cell today. Complete with wall mount and steel enclosed cage. The whole setup probably cost about a thousand dollars each. In 5 cells, just in my block that's $5000. They could have sent five or more people back to their countries, but keeping us docile and compliant is more important than repatriating us.

The embassy was supposed to visit today. They never showed up. I requested to see them a week ago when I was released. Now my wounds and bruises have all healed. There really isn't much point.

 JU however, visited me and brought two more books, which is very fortunate since I just finished the last book I had yesterday.

The night shift guards are real assholes. One of them is the guard I had so many problems with so many months ago. Everybody here knows what jerks they are and laughs at them. During roll call, a detainee farted loudly right after one of the guards told us to be quiet and of course, the whole cell block heard and started laughing, which made the guard even angrier and the detainees laughed harder. When you're an asshole and no one respects you, your authority is undermined and useless... A lesson I should note and learn.