Everything written in these pages was written at a very trying time. I was mostly angry and bitter due to my love affair with Korea ended after nearly 10 long years. If you are easily offended or take things too seriously, or you’re a kimchi cheerleader who drank too much of the kool-aid, go read something else. These are my thoughts and my therapy, I don’t give a shit what you think, but I highly value your opinion.

That being said, comments are not moderated (on the blog version of this memoir), so feel free to spout whatever hatred (or praise) you feel right back at me—I’m just going to ignore it anyway, unless you say something nice, then I may thank you for it.One final thought (or two), most of this is a brain fart. My opinions change daily. I’m just as hypocritical and full of shit as anybody else. What I feel and write today is not necessarily what I will feel or write tomorrow, so before you fly off the handle and write some nasty comment (in the blog format), look in the mirror.

And, I hate/love everybody equally. When I mention a person’s race, it’s only used as an identifier, since I was around so many people from so many different countries and I never learned their names because everybody else referred to each other by their country of origin and/or ethnic background, which often is the same thing.Onward and upwards.

And now, on to our story...