Sunday, 24 March 2013

(Day 247) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 152 D-4

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner = March 3

I can spend my last Sunday avoiding all the terrible TV by reading yesterday's paper and the stack of books I have. Almost bliss. 3 more sleeps till freedom. It seems hard to believe.

It only took 33 episodes of a drama about rural life in a Korean small town (where, in reality, 1 in 4 wives are of foreign, Southeast Asian descent) to actually show foreigners as a part of the plot. None of them are major characters though. With a cast of at least 10 women, two or three should be non-Koreans.

I got a hole in my only pair of socks. I only have to wear them for another two days. I had two other pairs of socks, but they also developed holes last week and I threw them out after I had a shower, rather than wash them and keep them for one more week. I have a fresh, brand new, never-been-worn pair of socks, but I was saving them for Wednesday when I'm released. Fresh socks, underwear and undershirt-- new beginning.