Sunday, 17 March 2013

(Day 240) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 145 D-11

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner = March 3

Happy St Patrick's Day, to all you Irish folk. Here in this jail, that would be only me and I'm only something like a quarter Irish. I'm hardly Irish at all. And I have no green clothes. Either. Even amongst all my stored belongings, I don't own any green clothes.

One of the new inmate workers has some pretty impressive forearm tattoos. They are the same on each arm but mirror images of Koi or goldfish swimming in water. At risk of stereotyping (which exists for a reason) these are some serious gangster tats. First, because of the image. Fish, Tigers and Dragons are a common Asian tattoo and really, tattoos in general, are usually only on gangsters in Korean and Japanese cultures.

There are however, a lot of young Asians that have tattoos like Westerners and surprisingly, a lot of them are women. You'll see them on Asians who are mostly musicians. Women will have them on the back of shoulders or under the arm on the rib cage, where they can be easily hidden.

Anyway, this inmate has large elaborate traditional tattoos in a very visible location. Only one of them is completely finished and colored, but the kid (he looks younger than me) just screams “junior gangster.” He's either here on a drug or a rape charge. He's too young to be an embezzler and besides, you embezzle from the mob, you end up dead-- not in jail. I would guess drugs. Probably meth, since that's really the only drug Koreans get involved with. Popular with taxi drivers, students and bored housewives.

I have no self control, so Mr Kim has decided to give me one apple a day, so I don't eat the whole bag of apples all at once. I can't help it. Eating rice and kimchi at every meal leaves me still hungry. And I'm bored. Eating apples give me something to do and satisfies my hunger... for a short period-- until I eat another apple...