Friday, 8 February 2013

(Day 202) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 107 D-49


Breakfast coffee
Lunch rice & kimchi
tofu in red pepper sauce
cucumber kimchi
ham & kimchi soup

In this case, “ham” is synonymous with pieces of hot dog and I need kimchi in hot water like I need a bullet in the head. The bullet in the head is actually preferable to the 2 dishes of kimchi at every meal for the next 3 weeks. My only solace is it will all be over in 3 weeks. Until the next month starts
Dinner baby cabbage kimchi
soy bean spinach soup
raw pickled onion
spicy pork

Finally, some variety. The only decent meal all week.

I got nothing. Too cold to go outside. Nothing on TV, as usual. The food is crap. I'm bored. See? Nothing new. Better luck tomorrow... yeah, right, same shit, different day. I wrote a letter to Z.

The warden did an inspection today. The novelty has worn off. He just stopped to say "Hi." He didn't stop to talk as usual. Fine by me-- I was never trying to be his friend, just polite.