Thursday, 7 February 2013

(Day 201) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 106 D-50


Breakfast coffee
Lunch shredded radish
fried mackerel
bok choi kimchi
soy bean & cabbage soup

The soup we had for dinner yesterday has a different name (in Korean), but looks identical to today’s soup. There’s no need for 2 types of kimchi. The fish was good, but the portions were small.
Dinner kimchi
tuna & kimchi soup
dried seaweed & soy sauce

Boring. Bare subsistence to stay alive and not much else, but I'm in jail so I shouldn't expect gourmet. As a birthday dinner though, terrible.

Happy Birthday to me.

Today is my birthday. A time of reflection. Let's see, what have I accomplished mid-life? Hmmmm.... not much, really. I'm sitting in a cell in a foreign jail. I have no money, job or home. My family is estranged, I'm divorced. When I sit down and look at the scales, I've had lots of experiences, but nothing to show for it. In my own defence, I had all the normal trappings of adulthood, but I got rid of it all so I could leave the (this) country, I just didn't so far as to actually leave the country, yet... Soon, though-- only 50 days to go...

My Birthday song (to the tune of Happy Birthday):
Happy Birthday to me.
I live in cell three.
My cake is a choco pie,
with rice & kimchi.

Mr. Kim gave me some choco pies for my birthday and I got a card from my mother, so it wasn't a total waste.