Wednesday, 23 January 2013

(Day 186) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 91 D-65

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = January 1

It’s been raining for a couple of days, which is good because that means it's warm, but bad because we're not allowed to have any exercise time outside. As a result I haven't left my cell in 83 hours. Talk about stir crazy. I have also not talked to anyone but myself for about 4 or 5 days. I can't actually remember the last time I had a conversation exactly. It's been less than a week but more than 4 days. I'm feeling more than a little frustrated with loneliness, but I just have to think of people like Liao Yiwa, a Chinese poet put in jail for 4 years for having an opinion and a couple of days by myself just seems like a whiny, white boy, first-world problem. I hardly have much to complain about-- I haven't been sexually violated with chopsticks, for instance.