Thursday, 24 January 2013

(Day 187) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 92 D-64

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = January 2

I've finished almost half of my second novel. I don't know what's more impressive that I finished half a novel in about a month or that this is the second one.

I admit it wasn't too much of a stretch to find the characters or locations, but the rest of the story is entirely fictitious and there's no resemblance to any events. Any resemblance to people or events is extremely coincidental. Certain locations do exist but are used for narrative purposes only. Descriptions used in my story are in no way a reflection on the actual establishment. Above everything else, this is a work of fiction. There is no truth to any of it. People, places and events, characterizations-- everything has been greatly exaggerated purely for entertainment purposes.

That ought to keep me from getting sued, I hope.

On December 29th 2012, Yoko Ono took a full page ad in The New York Times that was completely blank except for the words “Imagine peace” written in the middle of the page. I took it and glued it on the door of my bathroom for decoration. While I was taking a shower today, the guards came into my cell and tore it off the door, crumbled it up and tossed it into the garbage. I guess Korean prison guards have no compassion or imagination. Besides if we had peace on earth they'd be out of a job. They would have to rely on some other skills other than the ability to press buttons and issue commands, well brandishing batons against the defenceless, handcuffed prisoners.