Monday, 7 January 2013

(Day 170) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 75 D-81



fish cake & cabbage in red pepper sauce.
raw onion in soy sauce
rice cake soup

The only thing not kimchied was zucchini and the hamburger. The Hamburger was only because it was January 1st.

yellow radish
Chinese cabbage soup
bok choi/onion kimchi
sweet & sour pork

Pretty good meal, but need bigger servings. I feel like a mouse picking at crumbs.

Sunday, ho-humday.

Last night's movie was not played yesterday. It was played today instead. Totally screwed with my weekend. It was a Japanese movie called “Shall We Dance?” about a bored salary man who starts taking dance lessons at the school he sees from the subway on his way home each day.  As he passes the school on the subway, he sees the dance teacher staring wistfully out the window, and after starting lessons, enters the cut-throat world of ballroom dancing. By reading the Korean subtitles and hearing the Japglish, I can almost understand what's going on... I laughed, I cried, good times.