Friday, 7 December 2012

(Day 139) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 44 D-112

sit-ups walk chair-lifts
100 00

Breakfast coffee

The beef is great but needs bigger servings. I don't need 2 kinds of kimchi; one is more than adequate. The soup seems exactly the same as yesterday's lunch, but without the crunchy shrimp.
soybean, onion & spinach soup
green onion & cucumber kimchi
beef, cabbage, carrot and noodles

minus points for 2 kinds of kimchi and same soup as yesterday. It has an entirely different name in Korean, but I can't tell the difference other than the lack of shrimp. The beef is awesome, but the size of the serving was totally lame. I'm not filling up on rice like the other 1000s of inmates here

Well... That was a culinary waste of time. They actually served fish a westerner would be familiar with-- namely boneless breaded and fried-- and then they went and ruined it by drowning it in ketchup... Why? WHY!!? For the love of God and all that is holy, why? Slimy seaweed soup I can do without every time it served. All the taste and smell of rotting fish, with a terrible texture to match. The spinach was semi-cooked, so it’s wilted, but covered with some sort of sauce that tastes similar to horseradish. It wasn't bad, but in no way made up for the rest of it. If I wasn't so hungry I wouldn't have eaten it.
slimy seaweed soup
fried fish fillet w/ ketchup

1 fish stick does not make a meal and ketchup is a crime against food. The only decent thing was the spinach (if it really was spinach) and it wasn't nearly enough by itself to make up for anything.

I got another letter from my mom today. I guess she hasn't received any of mine, yet or she would have mentioned it. This one only took 3 weeks to reach me. She sent me some photos, so I immediately started drawing one of them, so I could send it back for Christmas.