Thursday, 6 December 2012

(Day 138) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 43 D-113



There was no kimchi in this meal except mixed with the pork. The shrimp suffers from the same problem as the fish & chicken-- it's still in it's shell, so it's crunchy. The bun was filled with meat and veggies instead of red kidney bean, which is awesome.
Spinach, shrimp & soy bean paste soup
yellow pickled radish
Chinese bun
spicy pork

This is a rare meal. Only one spicy dish, and it was with meat, so it's acceptable. The soup was still watery and had crunchy seafood, but it was still good. The radish is a good change from the kimchi and the vegetable/meat bun filling was awesome.

The corn salad was good, but they don't serve enough. It was like a couple of spoonfuls, but I got enough kimchi to feed a family, and then it became overkill with spicy, watery kimchi soup.

corn salad
kimchi with beef & octopus soup
egg square

+2 for the corn salad, the beef & octopus in the soup and the egg square. -2 for kimchi and kimchi soup as well as small portions of the good stuff.

Today, was the season's first snowfall. Having lived in a temperate climate all my life, I dislike winter, but I have to admit that everything looks very pretty when is covered in a blanket of snow. That's how boring my day is. The weather is all I've got. Granted the first snowfall is sort of exciting and it is a couple inches, not just a dusting that melts as soon as it hits the ground... It might actually stick around for a day or two, maybe even the whole season. Winter is here, :-( I wanted to spend this winter on a beach and avoid all this. I guess life had other plans. These plans suck though.