Saturday, 8 December 2012

(Day 140) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 45 D-111

sit-ups walk chair-lifts
100 00

Breakfast coffee

WTF? The tofu was two, maybe three bites. The chopchay was all noodles so let's just call it what it was-- glass noodles with a dash of green onion (cold) and some sort of unidentifiable kimchi that only looked sort of like spinach.
 spinach kimchi?
cube of tofu with red pepper sprinkled on top
glass noodles with vegetables
turnip & fish cake in hot water

There is nothing redeeming about this meal. If I was in a restaurant, I would send it back and walk out, but I'm in jail, so I choke it down with a smile.

So close, yet so far. If this had a different soup it would be worthy. Beans sprout tea sucks. The rest is great.
bean sprout soup
spicy pork, lettuce and bean paste

Would have been 4 with a different soup.

There was no exercise today because it was snowing, but later, we went out and shovelled the exercise yard. I had to show these amateurs how it was done. Canadian and growing up in southern Ontario snowbelt made me an expert snow shoveller. They were using brooms to sweep away the snow! I had half the yard cleared before they got a quarter done.

 I showed Kevin how to hold a shovel at an angle and lightly push along the surface so you can go quickly, without the shovel snagging on any rocks or ice, pushing the snow off to the side. There were at least five other inmates and a guard with shovels and brooms, and like I said, Kevin & I cleared half the yard before they were barely out of the door sweeping (!?!) the steps off.

Then Kevin and I stood around watching them while pretending to work for about half an hour. Kevin told me he was 33 years old; I told him I've been shovelling snow longer than he been alive.

Afterwards we were allowed to take a shower. Woo-hoo! Two showers in one week-- score! Of course, an hour later, it started snowing again, with big huge flakes that soon covered it all up. I guess tomorrow's exercise will be shovelling the yard again.