Wednesday, 5 December 2012

(Day 137) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 42 D-114



Another 4 red dish meal. The soup is the same as Saturday night --bonus for veggies, minus for so much red pepper it makes the whole meal bland. Everything has red pepper. Fried squid is great, but do you really need to fry it with red pepper, too? And why two types of kimchi again? Especially one with mostly raw onions?
cucumber & onions kimchi
watery vegetable soup
fried squid strips with red pepper

I had the same soup 4 meals ago. Too many raw onions and red pepper in every dish is garbage.

The chicken is good, but could be better if Koreans learned how to de-bone chicken and fish. They say it adds to the flavor; I say bullshit. How can you tell if it's slathered with red pepper spice? The shredded radish kimchi is a nice change of pace and once again we have watery soup, and at least it doesn't use red pepper or kimchi-- although it still made with Chinese cabbage. The green peppers are good because they're raw vegetables, bad because it's the same fucking spice, just green instead of red.
Chinese cabbage, tofu and soy bean soup
spicy chicken with rice cake & cabbage
shredded radish kimchi
raw green hot peppers with bean paste

compared to the last 7 meals, this one is better than most. If you want 4 out of 4, give me a hamburger.

Pretty boring day. I read the same paper twice to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time. I even read the articles on the Korean presidential election even though it makes no difference to me-- nor do I care. Then I did the crossword wrote, a letter to my mom almost as short as this entry, and drew a picture. I even watched a Korean drama about making a Korean drama. Through all that, I drank about 10 cups of instant coffee. The highlight of my day was waiting for lunch and dinner just so I could write about it.

Tomorrow, I can look forward to my weekly shower and a new paper, just so I can check my answers to the crossword... and then what? Draw another picture, I guess... Maybe write another few thousand words of my sci-fi cliche.