Tuesday, 4 December 2012

(Day 136) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 41 D-115

sit-ups walk chair-lifts
100 00

Breakfast coffee

Why are Koreans incapable of filleting fish or de-boning chicken? How hard is it? The only good thing about this meal is the soup. I like the strong flavors, although the smell is off-putting. I usually call it "stinky sock soup" because of the smell. There is also no need for two types of kimchi. Onion seems to be the only vegetable I ever eat raw here. It's over-powering in this dish.
cubed radish kimchi
bok choi and onions
fried fish
watery soup with soy bean paste, zucchini, tofu & onions
1 just for the soup. -3 for everything else. If I wasn't so hungry, I wouldn't have eaten any of it, but the soup.

Once again, about the only thing decent is the soup. Along with the green onions, there are pieces of beef! It seems weird to eat the slimy seaweed just by itself and not in water, but with the sauce it's okay-- not great, but okay.
rice cake soup
slimy seaweed with sweet red pepper sauce

If I wasn't starving, I'd only eat the soup and kimchi. The seaweed and sauce seem more like an afterthought than a part of the meal. The banana doesn't make up for it.

The highlight of my day was almost completing the New York Times crossword puzzle. I didn't quite finish it, but almost. I wrote another couple of thousand words in my ode to sci-fi cliches and I read 3 newspapers twice. No mail or visitors.