Monday, 3 December 2012

(Day 135) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 40 D-116

sit-ups walk chair-lifts
100 00

I don't normally eat breakfast here because the smell of kimchi first thing in the morning makes my stomach turn. Typically, breakfast consist of the same thing as lunch and dinner-- rice, kimchi, watery soup & another side dish. On the weekend, one of the days is a "Western" breakfast, which is cream of mushroom soup, coleslaw, 3 slices of bread, strawberry jam and strawberry milk. I guess the fact it doesn't have rice or kimchi and the soup is cream instead of water, makes it "Western." As a westerner myself, it's barely edible. I eat the bread and jam and drink the milk. They can keep the soup and coleslaw. Today (and every Sunday in December), is that day.
3 slices of bread & strawberry jam
strawberry milk

Given my usual choices, this is a great breakfast.

I don't even see the point of the soup. It's like tea with bean sprouts. Just give me tea or just the raw, uncooked bean sprouts. I can't even remember the last time I had raw, fresh vegetables. Usually, it's all been kimchied. The octopus with the cabbage is a nice change, but like everything else in Korea, it's been slathered with red pepper, taking away any natural flavours and making it as bland as everything else. The dried seaweed and soy sauce is also a nice change, but is one of those things that requires rice, which I don't have...
spicy octopus & cabbage
dried seaweed & soy sauce
bean sprouts in hot water
It loses on the tea/soup. The octopus and seaweed with soy sauce are good, but require rice.

The soup is watery again, but it's full of veggies and soy bean paste and is actually quite good. I'm not sure the radish is actually radish-- it's a little tough. The kimchi is typical and the fish cake with eggs are nice.
fish cakes with onion, carrot, pheasant eggs
radish (?) slathered in red pepper sauce
soup with soy bean, spinach, tofu turnip & potato

Not a perfect meal, but not entirely bad either.

I wrote another 4000 words in my sci-fi novel masterpiece. I didn't do much else... What else can I do? I drew a picture. It's Sunday, no funday.