Saturday, 10 November 2012

(Day 113) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 18 D-138

sit-ups push-ups chair-lifts
50 x 0 50 x 0 40 x 0
Breakfast, lunch & dinner = November 3

For breakfast this month, we get served three pieces of bread with strawberry jam, coleslaw, mushroom soup and strawberry milk every Saturday. I take everything but the soup. The coleslaw for breakfast is weird enough. The guards think I'm crazy because I won't eat soup for breakfast. Maybe if I was starving in a third world country. They also think I'm crazy because I won't eat rice, kimchi, slimy seaweed in hot water or fried fish for breakfast... Again, maybe if I was starving in a third world country and it was my only meal of the day. As it stands, it makes me want to vomit. Not the greatest smell to wake up to. I have coffee. Even if it’s only instant, I'm good with that, thanks. Of course, I have to wait for everybody else has been served first, before I can get hot water delivered for my coffee, but I'm okay with that. I'm only one person after all. I'm special but not that special.

Yesterday’s picture negotiations had some shampoo thrown into the offer. Shit just got real. When you have nothing, the smallest luxuries are huge.

JU found me. He brought me some books, but I don't know what books because the powers-that-be haven't given them to me yet. Apparently, it's going to take a couple of days because they want to make sure there isn't any subversive literature or maybe some escape tools hidden inside... How long does it take to check a couple of books!?! They’re all in English. They wouldn't understand any of it, even if it was Ché Guevara’s bio or the Communist Manifesto-- both of which I've already read.

JU also said he was going to try to raise some funds for me so I wouldn't go broke buying coffee and pens or the next 20 weeks. He seems to think he can even raise enough to get my time reduced, which I think is very unlikely. To say I tend to burn bridges would be an understatement. Sure, I have some great loyal friends, but I have just as many people who hate me and can't stand me because I'm not a shy person... That's the only nice way I can describe myself...