Sunday, 11 November 2012

(Day 114) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 19 D-137

sit-ups push-ups chair-lifts
50 x 8 50 x 4 40 x 5
Breakfast, lunch & dinner = November 4

Totally forgot about doing any exercises yesterday. I will do a full set to make up for it today. This is a habit I should try to keep because I'm normally such a sloth and I'm more likely to smoke and drink myself to death then exercise. If I am going to smoke and drink, or at least drink myself to death, I should have at least one good habit and be fit while I do it. I also decided that I only needed to keep track of my meals for 7 days a month, since the menu is the same for the remaining 23 to 24 days. If it actually varies from the norm, such as drinking milk that someone might give me, I don't think anyone really cares. I just started in the first place to illustrate what rubbish the food was here.

Speaking of, the guard is once again shocked I don't want to eat fish, soup and kimchi for breakfast. I'm telling you, my Western brain and body just want to run away screaming at the smell so early in the morning. You may as well put a plate of worms in front of me. I'm not even sure if I was starving in a third world country that I would eat it, I would I find it that revolting. I already tried to get it replaced with an alternative like bread and eggs, but then they served me that at every single meal instead of as a substitute for rice and kimchi and soup. I can't live on just bread and eggs. Koreans really do think it's normal to eat the same thing at every meal. In the end, skipping breakfast, avoiding the rice and eating everything else has been my best option. Due to my foreigner status, the other inmates, mostly the workers and now Mr. K, give me pastries and extra milk as well, so it’s not so bad. I would still love to have the stereo typical hamburger and pizza, though. I'm pretty sure that once I'm finished with all this shit, that's the first thing I'm going to eat. Sunday has to be the most boring day-- no exercise period outside, no newspaper, crappy TV. I wish I had some books to read... Oh wait! I do! But they won't give them to me yet because they have to x-ray them for contraband... or some shit like that.