Tuesday, 6 November 2012

(Day 109) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 14 D-142

sit-ups push-ups chairlifts
50 x 8 50 x 4 40 x 5

Breakfast coffee
Lunch rice & kimchi
green onions & red peppers
rice cake in hot water
fried squid
Dinnerrice & kimchi
spinach and soy bean in hot water
spicy chicken
Chinese bun with red bean filling

I finished one sentence today. Only 3 more, and 142 days to go. The next special day will be December 14th, and then January 24th, and finally March 28th. Christmas, New Years, my birthday and Z's birthday are all going to suck this year. Last year, it was because of my divorce, this year I'm in jail. I'm really beginning to dislike holidays.

I'm still pretty choked about the whole smelly room business. You know how your own farts don't stink to yourself? That's how Koreans see themselves and their whole kimchi-and-onions-for-breakfast country. Anybody who's had to take a bus in the morning can verify. These people and their whole country stink. They just don't notice their own stench because they are used to it.

Yesterday I got all my stationary ordered last Thursday. I ordered a marker, five colors of highlighter, glue, q-tips, envelopes and a long sleeve shirt. I was so upset about the smelly room comments, I forgot to write about what I did with all my new toys. I wore the shirt. Now, I won't be cold. It’s my only shirt, so I'll still stink later. I glued down the labels stating my cell and inmate numbers on my jacket and pasted the menu on my wall. Then, with the highlighters, I went through the purchase list and schedule, the menu and calendar and I color-coded everything-- 5 colors = 5 days of the week. Nothing happens on weekends. So now, at a glance, I can tell if it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. From that, I can look at the menu and see what I'll be eating that day (rice and kimchi of course so there's really no pressing concern there) or I can look at the purchasing list and schedule to determine what and when I can stock up on supplies. I used the q-tips clean my ears, of course and I'm still waiting for stamps, so the envelopes are useless. I also have enough envelopes to write a letter to both mom and Z every week until April, although the stamps for 44 letters might prove to be a little costly.

I finished this notebook today. From September 17th to November 6 is 50 days. An average of 150 words per page and 200 pages. 30,000 words in 50 days is about 600 words per day.