Saturday, 27 October 2012

(Day 99) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 4 D-152

50 x 450 x 440 x 5

Breakfast(from the smell)
rice & kimchi
some sort of watery soup, I'm sure
& tofu - SKIPPED
Lunchrice & kimchi
another kind of kimchi
thick noodles in hot water
2 hard boiled eggs
Dinnerrice & kimchi
pepper & garlic kimchi
something fried
spicy vegetable soup with beef

It's the weekend at ye olde prison. Current population of my cell-- 1 Canadian. Waking up and mornings are always the most emotionally draining part of my day, because my first thought isn't “What a glorious day!” but “Shit, still in prison.” The “one more day closer to freedom” thought doesn't happen until I go to bed.
I've got one more chapter left in my life book that JO gave me and then I'm screwed for reading material into until my newspaper delivery begins on November 1st, which is still a week away. JA, JO, and JU all know where I am, so maybe they'll visit me very soon with some new books. Until then, I figured I could fill my time drawing portraits of famous people from my textbook. It's good practice and good advertising if I find myself with no money on a street corner. Just whip out the portraits and start drawing people on the street. I'll never get rich, but I won't starve and it usually provides some booze and shelter too.

It figures. I finally get a pencil (mechanical) and I run out of pencil lead. I had refills, but it got confiscated in the fight to bring my sketch, note and textbooks with me. I argued successfully for the pencil, but neglected the refills. I can buy more next week, but I'm pretty sure the sizes are incompatible. Mine is 0.5 mm and I think they sell 0.7 mm, so I have to buy a new pencil too. I have a 0.7 size pencil, but I brought 0.5 mm size specifically because I had refills-- which I now don't have... thinking ahead, but still screwing it up. Score! The inmate worker had pencil refills and they are the right size! Maybe my luck isn't all bad after all. Only a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

And a small defeat... a movie started playing on TV and then suddenly nothing... There was an announcement sometime later and the TV came back on, but the former English language movie has been replaced with a concert special of old people singing old Korean songs. What a total fucking drag. I can't even change the channel. There are only two channels and they’re playing the exact same thing. This country has the absolute worst taste in music. Most of it sounds like stuff my grandparents may have listen to. To be kind, it sounds like bad lounge music by Celine Dion, but worse.