Sunday, 28 October 2012

(Day 100) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 5 D-151

50 x 450 x 440 x 5

Breakfastmushroom soup
bread & strawberry jam
strawberry milk
Lunchrice & kimchi
slimy seaweed in hot water with beef
rice and fish cake in spicy sauce
pickled garlic
Dinnerrice & radish kimchi
zucchini & onion
mini pork cutlet
kimchi soup with a couple of pieces of pork

Around these parts the term Sunday Funday is a misnomer. This has to be the least fun day of the entire week. The stupid traveling karaoke show will be on TV later guaranteed, and true to form I'll have already seen it two weeks ago. There is no exercise session, which compared to Hwaseong, is almost daily, thankfully. There are no visitors and no newspapers. The only good thing so far, is they did not serve rice and kimchi for breakfast. However, cream of mushroom soup and coleslaw would not be what I considered traditional breakfast foods... it is a good thing I'm in a cell by myself. Between the pickled garlic and kimchi I ate for lunch, it's going to get pretty stinky in here in a few hours. Sunday done day.