Friday, 26 October 2012

(Day 98) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 3 D-153

50 x 350 x 4 40 x 5

Lunchrice & radish kimchi
soybean & kimchi soup
sweet potato bread
quail eggs & mushrooms 
Dinnerrice & kimchi
bean sprouts in hot water
spicy chicken & potato

There is no way I can eat what they serve for breakfast here. The smell, the texture, everything about it just makes me nauseous. Thankfully, they also gave me some strawberry yogurt, which I eagerly consumed. Of course, as soon as I refuse to eat the food, a guard came to stare at me through the plexi-glass window in my cell door, like I'm the crazy one for refusing to eat that garbage. I feel like an exotic animal in a zoo or a fish in a bowl, where the kids are tapping on the glass, trying to get a response out of me. I just ignored the guard as I wrote this in my book. He eventually went away.

In a lot of ways, all this extra time in jail is my own fault. I accept that. I was drinking a lot and angry, because of the divorce, and getting into fights at the slightest provocation. I eventually clued in and stop getting into fights, though still drinking a lot, but by then, it was too late-- the damage has been done. When the judge saw the charge of assaulting a police officer and further charges of assault later, it didn't matter if I went to rehab, become a God-fearing Christian, devoted to charity work and taking a vow of poverty, I had been a bad boy and I deserved to be spanked. It didn't matter how many excuses I made. Although, I think that not including my previous time in immigration custody was being totally unfair. But here I am. The sooner I accept that fact and deal with it, the better off I'll be-- at least mentally. As I fall into a schedule, I'm sure the days will fly by-- more so if I can fill the days with factory work. They make all sorts of things here, like all the clothes I'm wearing and my electric razor. Maybe I can work in the kitchen. Mr. K, my next cell neighbour, helped me translate the list of available items for sale. Now, I just have to figure out what day I can purchase or order the available items. Mr. K apparently owns a big company with offices in places like Singapore. He's here because he didn't give some product to a customer. because they ripped him off for a lot of money. As I understand it. His client owed a bunch (and buy a bunch, I mean a couple million dollars) of money to him, so he refused to provide a product. Because he didn't give the product, he was considered in the wrong and jailed. It all sounds very confusing and doesn't make any sense to me. In jail, everybody is innocent so there is always a story behind the story.

Compared to the dreck served at Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center, the food here is practically gourmet. It's still only kimchi and rice, but different types of kimchi, more variety in the side dishes and actual meat in the watery soup. If they replaced the breakfast with something that didn't make me want to throw up from the smell, it wouldn't be half bad.

I just met with the guard from last time and arranged for a paper and wristwatch, so when I get them, I'll be able to tell what time it is and have something to read every day. I made sure to get a newspaper Mr. K isn't getting, so we could trade papers and have twice as much to read to make the time pass quicker.

I decided not to appeal the 2 assault charges I'd thought I had been dismissed. By the time I would have been given a court date in 3 months, I will have completed by sentence, but if I appeal, I'll be sent back to Hwaseong to wait. And all I've if I'm found guilty anyways, as I just was, the wait will have been a complete waste of time. As it stands, I have 90 days plus 66 days left so 156: minus the three days I’ve just done, so only one hundred and fifty three days to go... I'll be done April 1st which will be the 9th Anniversary, to the exact day, that I arrive in Korea. Fate is cruel.

As for working in a factory or kitchen, that option is only available for people with prison sentences of two years or more, not minor offenses like mine. One of the inmate workers brought me some smoked chicken and Mr. K gave me some milk. I've drank so much soy milk in the last 3 months real milk taste weird. The chicken was awesome even though it was processed. I'm going to have to exercise more from all this food I've been eating the last few days. At least I'm not going to starve even if I skip breakfast.

I've mentioned before about the lack of TV channels here. To make things worse, its K-dramas K-pop showcases, karaoke shows and celebrity game shows-- all shows I hate with a passion. To make things even more worse (and there is a stand-up joke in here somewhere), the K-drama shows are all a month or so behind the actual schedule playing to the public. What this means is the shows I was forced to watch a month ago at the detention center by the Chinese, and watch the rerun again a week later, I am now watching again! For the third fucking time. I just can't catch a break lately.