Friday, 21 September 2012

(Day 63) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 50

sit-ups push-ups chairlifts
50 (am) + 10 x 20 reps 5 x 20 reps 5 x 20 reps

Breakfast N/A
Lunch N/A
soybean soup with veggies
fried fish

now in day 2 of solitary confinement. The meds help me sleep through the night but I didn't get any with my breakfast. I tried to sleep the day away as much as possible. I didn't eat breakfast or lunch. I wasn't really that hungry. I got my pain meds at lunch and that help the afternoon pass by. At about 3:30 they moved me to a new cell block. Asshole guard was back to videotape the whole thing for prosperity.

Now, going into the weekend, I have a whole new group of detainees to share a cell with. I'm the only white one. All the rest are Asians of different sorts I think at least one is Filipino.

Since I'm in an entirely new cell block, I don't think I'll have any more encounters with the asshole guard. Of course, that means I won't have any more encounters with any of the other detainees I've gotten to know over the last 50 days. The American went home this morning. He shouted his goodbyes to me in solitary as he left. I hope he gets this money, but I think he's given up on that and just wants to get the hell out of here.

Speaking of getting out, while I was in solitary, a letter with my court date came! My final court date is October 24th at 11:00 am. Depending how that goes, I have one more month left here!!! However, the date is 16 days after the date my original sentence ends so I'm actually being forced to stay in this country longer than I should be. Korean logic at its best. I fucking hate this country.

Going into the weekend, there are 13 men in my cell, myself included. The breakdown is 7 Chinese, 1 Vietnamese, 1 Filipino, 1 Bangladesh, 1 Uzbekistan, 1 Chinese-Korean and myself-- 1 Canadian.

I was supposed to call Z yesterday, but I was throw into solitary before I could complete the call. I hate missing dates with her more than anything else in the world.

The Filipino tells me the Chinese are the same in this room. They monopolize the TV remote and we end up watching shitty Korean soap operas and k-pop variety shows all day. I can't tell the difference between any of the girl groups. They all have at least five girls that all follow a stereotype-- short blonde hair, long two-tone hair, blue contacts, corn rows, etc. It's no different with the boy groups, either. They all look like girls. The only way I can tell them apart is the girls are all wearing hot pants to show off their legs, but I bet the boys could give them a run for their money with their anorexic bodies, too. Really, the only difference between a boy and a girl is the clothing and hair. Other than that, the bodies, faces, the music and dance moves are nearly identical. Maybe that's why Gangnam style is so popular. It features one singer, overweight, obviously male, and the music is closer to American counterpart than usual dreck turned out by the k-pop music mill. Not to mention the unconventional dance moves...

The popular card game in this cell is poker. The Chinese are playing using instant coffee for chips. One guy must have over 100 packages. I know who I'm hitting up for coffee tomorrow.