Thursday, 20 September 2012

(Day 62) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 49


Breakfast2 hard boiled eggs
Lunchsome soup
tofu in red pepper paste

I'm writing this retroactively since I missed a day because I was put in solitary confinement due to yesterday's  incident-- not as a direct result, but as a continuation. The irony is not lost on me, since I claimed they couldn't do exactly what they did.

At lunch time, when medications are handed out, I usually get some painkillers for lower back pain-- sitting on the floor and sleeping on a hard mattress doe NOT make your back feel better. Anyway, the dude giving out the meds was the same dude from yesterday. When I asked where my meds were, he dismissed we with a wave of his hand. I got upset at being treated so rudely, so I was rude back. After another shouting match, a different guard came and said I could see a doctor after lunch.

After lunch came, I went to see the doctor. When I came back to the cell, 7 guards were standing there to escort me to solitary confinement. I did not go quietly.

Once again, I found myself in a room that was equal in length and width to my height, so there was enough room to lie down. There was a toilet, a tap, and a window looking out into the exercise yard. No mattress, no blankets, no toothbrush, spoon or toilet paper.

Soon thereafter, it was the exercise period so I was able to talk to my fellow detainees through the window. The American called my contact at the Canadian embassy. After the exercise period, I was moved to a different solitary cell. This one had my mattress, blankets, cup, spoon and toothbrush, as well as a bottle of water, toilet paper, a bar soap and a new tube of toothpaste. The asshole guard was now the proud owner of a video camera and videotaped my move from one cell to the next. A little while later my meds were unceremoniously tossed through the bars. I didn't take them. Later dinner was delivered. I didn't eat it. More meds came. This time, I took both doses so I would pass out and sleep through the night. Honestly, I can deal with being a small room, but I can't deal with being in a small room with nothing to do, so better to double up on the pain medication and pass out then stare at the ceiling.

 The American tells me he tried to call the Human Rights Center but the phone kept getting disconnected or turned off.