Friday, 7 September 2012

(Day 49) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 36

I'm pretty excited about yesterday's developments. Now, I just have to deal with one court date and the results of that, and I'm out here. In the meantime, it seems they are expecting an influx of new detainees today. The meditating Chinese, Vietnamese and the Pakistani have been moved to a different cell block. I'm now the most senior detainee in my cell. Unfortunately, I got stuck with all the detainees I despise the most-- the injustice of it all. The Horker and the compulsive shower taker... it's not fair.

There is also the horker's boat captain, another Chinese, an Indonesian, and as of last night, an Egyptian, a Bangladeshi and yet another Chinese, for a grand total of 9 detainees in this cell now, and at least three more, maybe as many as nine more (the cell holds a total of 18 people), expected by tonight. it will be awfully crowded. It's a good thing I have my area staked out.

Other than that, I'm quickly running out of paper to write on. I've done my best to get replacement notebooks, but I'm not sure I'll get them in time and when I do, I may find I have more than I need because I pursued multiple sources to ensure success. I may have to cut back on the drawing so that I'm sure to have enough paper to keep writing daily until I get a new notebook. This would be so much easier if I was allowed to write on my laptop instead of by hand on paper. At this point, I've written 90 pages by hand. It's practically a small novel.

Speaking of novels, I now have plenty to keep me entertained if I don't feel like writing or drawing. my current reading list is up to 25 titles that I've read or I am about to read, with more on the way. I haven't read this much at one time since school and even then, not as many.
Our population has increased by 3, a Uzbekistan  and 2 Mongolians. the Egyptian seems to think he can buy its way out by tomorrow even after his case worker has told him it will cost in 1.9 million won and he won't be able to leave until Thursday. I tried to explain it to him that it doesn't matter what he wants, it's what the Koreans want that determines his fate, but all he does is talk over me and refuses to listen. The caseworker was also trying to explain and he wouldn't listen to him either. Thick-headed fool.