Thursday, 6 September 2012

(Day 48) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 35

Somehow this morning, the remote for the TV got mixed up-- they take them away every night and return them every morning. The one we got didn't work very well. The Nigerian got a different one, but the guard came back when the Nigerian was off doing something else, and changed it again, and again it didn't work. The Nigerian started yelling at me and blaming me for changing the remote with the guard even though I had nothing to do with it. I wasn't taking any of that shit from him and yelled right back. The end result was the guards came, the Nigerian was moved to different cell and everybody clapped upon his exit. He argued with everybody about everything and always blamed the person he was arguing with as the instigator. As a Christian, he should be familiar with Matthew... He should take a good hard look at Matthew 7, especially Matthew 7:5. With the Nigerian gone, that makes me the senior detainee in the cell, next to the meditating Chinese-Korean.

Since all the detainees in my section were moved to an entirely new cell block, our exercise area has also changed. So, I was able to sit in the sun, on some grass, for the first time in seven weeks and actually, it was really the first time this year. It was a nice 30 minutes.

I got two letters from the prosecutor's office today. They have decided to drop my 2 assault cases, which is really awesome because that means I have one case left for obstruction of justice. If I can convince the judge its all just a big mistake and I can get my sentence significantly reduced, I may not have to spend any time in jail other than the 14 days I have to serve from a previous offense. That means I could be out of here as early as next month.