Saturday, 8 September 2012

(Day 50) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 37

As usual, things haven't worked out as planned, but I expected as much and my only plan was to get one of the guards to buy me a new notebook. The Egyptian however, was expecting to be moved or released today. I knew he wouldn't be. It's the same with all the new detainees. They think they have some control over their lives and they don't have shit. There at the complete mercy of their Korean jailers. You can actually see the fight drain out of them when they realize it and the sooner they realize it, the easier it is for them. I'll bet the Egyptian tries to talk to his case worker today, even though he's been told by a couple people that they won't don't work on the weekends.

It is the weekend. That means doing nothing but sleeping and reading. The last three books I've read all seem to have been related-- Machiavelli's Discourses, a history of the founding fathers of the US, and a history of finance. The first is a treatise on what and how republics work, the second is the history of how the largest and longest lasting Republic came into existence and third is how we all paid for it. All three are very insightful and I've learned a lot about finance and politics, both modern and historical. The most interesting part is how the last two books reference Machiavelli and the Bible and since I recently read both books, I actually understand what the references mean. I feel so smart ;)

The Egyptian just had a visitor and came back. He's very quiet and pacing, which tells me things aren't going as planned for him-- as I told him. I love it when I'm right, even when it's at the expense and misery of someone else.