Wednesday, 5 September 2012

(Day 47) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 34

I manage to sleep the day away, reading when I was awake. JO was supposed to visit, I knew he wouldn't make it. No news about court date or anything. Sometimes, I think I'll never leave this place. At least in jail (unless you have a life sentence), you know what day you're getting out. Here, you're in limbo indefinitely. No one knows when you might leave until the day before. It really sucks.

My fellow detainees continue to piss me off, especially the horker. Its so disgusting and unnecessary. For all the talk about respect, I've come to the opinion that generally, Chinese and Koreans are the most selfish and inconsiderate people I've ever met. To people they know or are formally introduced, they're overly polite and considerate to the point of satire, but generally they don't give a shit about the feelings of other people. I suppose that's really true of all people not just Chinese and Koreans. I'm being unfair, but the people that I am incarcerated with seem to take and do whatever they want with it to total disregard of personal property or the significance of objects. I've seen them randomly rip pages out of books to be used for note taking, go into people's personal belongings and steal coffee food or pens because they're too cheap to buy their own (they buy other stuff, why can't they spend 50 cents on a pen!?). Stay awake until 3 am talking and get offended when told to shut up and then sleep all day and get offended because you're being too loud (in the day time). Spent two hours talking on the phone and get impatient when I'm on 20 minutes. When I'm obviously watching a TV show, take the remote and change the channel or complain because the English is too loud and make a huge fuss when I do the exact same thing and change the channel or turn the volume down.

Obviously not every Chinese or Korean person is like this, but far too many are compared to the few that aren't and it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole barrel. Just like every person of Middle Eastern descent is not a terrorist (Hi CIA and NSA watch dogs, good to see you again.)
Just as obviously, lots of things can be said about how white people act, but the main difference is I won't be offended. I already know about white people, we get demonized all the time.

The Nigerian and Pakistani do shit to irritate me too, but those irritations are part of their personality, not culture. The Nigerian always criticizes and its cynical. Nothing happens without some snide remark from him, and the Pakistani just has a high pitched laugh, like a girl. One of the Vietnamese was rude and inconsiderate like the Chinese but the other wasn't. Same goes for the two older Chinese-Korean men, one of whom meditates every night and another one with tattoos of Taoist religious symbols, who is actually pretty quiet and keeps to himself. But, except for these rare exceptions, the many Chinese I've seen in the last few weeks have generally been rude and inconsiderate of the other dozen people they have to share a room that we can't leave or go to another room and close the door.

Are you going to get offended and angry at me or point out the faults and try to change the offensive behavior of your fellow countrymen? I feel guilty for sounding racist, but my environment tells me otherwise.

It turns out JO did visit today, but was too late. I got eight more books from him though. I called him right away to thank him. He said he tried to visit again next week.