Tuesday, 4 September 2012

(Day 46) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 33

I know I have books but I can't get to them. I have to wait two days because policy says I can only get items from my personal belongings in storage on Monday and Thursday.

On Tuesdays, we're supposed to have an exercise period where we are let outside for 30 minutes, but its raining, so it's unlikely to happen. The next exercise period is Thursday, but if it's raining we'll have to stay in again, which means an entire week locked in a cell with 11 other men.

To pass the time, I'm doing the usual drawing and writing. You're reading the writing. The drawing is the new idea for a painting. I don't know why I didn't think of it before since I've painted the "end of the road" twice. The idea is simply the "beginning of the road." I decided I would frame the drawings and send them to N. If anybody deserves them, it's him.

I manage to get my books from JU by begging the guard to make an exception because I would have to wait through two days of absolute boredom. He said it was a special case and to never ask again. I've  read all the books JU sent, in high school, except two of them. All of them are classics and worth reading again.