Monday, 3 September 2012

(Day 45) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 32

I talked to my mom today, but really, I just complained about my 12 roommates. I got the obligatory "That's too bad!" It made me laugh.

Since reading the Bible, I found myself questioning my thoughts and actions and thinking, "that's very unchristian of me..." And it suddenly occurred to me, what the fuck do I care? I'm not Christian. Having morals is one thing but it seems inane to care about a specific set of morals out of fear of committing sins against some entity I don't believe in... Not that I'm going to go out and start leading a hedonistic lifestyle full of debauchery. Besides, I can just do what every Christian does-- find a hypocritical passage that supports whatever affront I decide to commit.

I finally got JU's package but I won't actually be able to get my hands on it until Thursday when our cell block is allowed to access our personal belongings.