Saturday, 11 August 2012

(Day 22) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 9

Of the 11 people, including myself, that were here when I arrived, only five are the same as last week. 8 people have come and gone since, and of the six new ones that came yesterday, three of them are Chinese. So, now our cell population is one Canadian, 1 Nigerian, 1 Vietnamese, 1 Pakistani, 1 Uzbekistan, 1 Mongolian and 5 Chinese. All of them speak way more Korean then I do, to various degrees of fluency. Only the Pakistani and Nigerian speak English.

It's Saturday, so there is nothing to do or be done for the next two days, but read, eat, shit, watch TV and sleep. Maybe write and draw somewhere in there, too.

I started reading Oliver Twist last night. The narrative of the Old Testament was getting a little boring with all the repetition, especially with Chronicles 1 &2, which is nothing more than a regurgitation of Genesis to the end of Kings. I've only finished the first 100 pages of Twist, but Dickens paints quite the portrait of the poor little bastard. It's no wonder it's such a classic. It tugs at the strings of empathy right from the start and doesn't let go. The only time I've stopped reading was to eat and write these words. However, I have to point out how improbable everything is. Every single character Oliver meets is intertwined in some way-- the house in the middle of nowhere that Sikes takes Oliver to rob, just happens to be the home of his aunt. The buyer of books that the Artful Dodger tries to pickpocket, just happens to be best friends with Oliver's father... there are just too many coincidences to be believable and it feels utterly contrived. And if you think I should of framed this post with spoiler, you need to read more. By the way, I finished the book today, too. If I'm going to have to stay locked up for a while, I'm going to need a lot more books.