Monday, 13 August 2012

(Day 23) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 10

Just another Sunday Funday at ye olde Detention Center. Nothing much to do here. Washed my shirt. I don't think my shirt has been washed in awhile. I'll bet it was dirty a couple of inmates ago and hasn't been washed since. I soaped and rinsed it quite a few times before I was satisfied it was clean enough. The first couple washes were disgusting.

I started A Tale of Two Cities today. It turns out my mom got a new Kindle and this is the first book she bought for it. My mom seemed surprised that I read Oliver Twist in one day. Its only 400 pages or so, and I have 15 hours a day to do nothing. Even if I took five hours of the day and used it for eating, washing and napping, I'd still have 10 hours to read 400 pages. That's 40 pages an hour or just over a minute per page, which is plenty of time to read one page. Based on these calculations I should be finished A Tale of Two Cities today too. I read half of the Old Testament in two days. It's a little boring, so I cut back to a chapter a day.

The Olympics are almost over. I like watching most of the events, especially the track and field and gymnastics, but all the running events get pretty boring after awhile, especially when the same people keep winning them all. Korean TV seems to show a lot of repeats of the same event over and over again, too. I must have watched the men's 200 meter at least a dozen times. And artistic gymnastics floor routine... the Summer Olympics version of Kim Yuna... I must have seen her swing that hula hoop around a couple hundred times.