Friday, 10 August 2012

(Day 21) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 8

You would think, in a place where every single inmate is a foreigner, they would make an effort to serve something other than rice, kimchi and soup, three times a day, and I suppose they do-- breakfast is always soy milk, two hard boiled eggs and some sort of pastry. Forget about lunch and dinner though-- completely hopeless.

Besides that, more of the same nothingness. Just sleeping, waiting, reading, watching TV. Anything to fill up the 15 hours of the day, locked in a room with seven other men-- none of whom, except one other, speak the same language as me. The population of the cell changes daily as detainees are repatriated home, and most of the new detainees (as well as the exiting ones), are Chinese.

It's no wonder the Bible is so long. Most of it is constant repetition. If all the redundant phrases were removed, I bet it would be half the length. Whole chapters could be removed. Deuteronomy  for example, is really just a repeat of Leviticus. And how many times do the Israelites really need to be reminded that God delivered them to the promise land after freeing them from slavery in Egypt? Quite a few times apparently, because every time God speaks, he mentions it, and the Israelites are constantly incurring His wrath because they keep forgetting and fucking up. I'm about half of the way through the Old Testament, so far. Pretty brutal and bloodthirsty. Not at all a volume that promotes peace and goodwill towards your fellow man. More like "worship me or you will be stoned to death and every member of your family all your servants and even your livestock will die with you. Your house in all of your possessions will be razed and burned to the ground until nothing remains but ash." Not very Christian of him.