Thursday, 9 August 2012

(Day 20) Hwaseong Immigration detention center-day 7

I filed mailed and faxed all the paperwork I can at this point there's nothing left to do but wait.
The only thing on TV is reruns of Olympic events where Koreans have won.

Out of pure boredom, I started reading the Bible. Don't worry, I haven't all of a sudden found God. What I have found is a load of shit. May God strike me down with lightning for my blasphemy... still here... nope... nothing. Genesis, in addition to the creation of the world, seems to be nothing more than a family history of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, who becomes Israel, and is eventually responsible for all the Hebrews ending up in Egypt, only to become slaves because they're too lazy to stand up for themselves. Most of Genesis seems to be "this son had 5 sons and one of the sons had 5 sons and one of these sons had 5 sons" and on and on it goes-- most of it quite incestuous. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, became a good slave, got some responsibility and made his brothers into slaves, blah, blah, blah. And then we get to Exodus... some of which sounds like my life right now. Moses causes the Pharaoh of Egypt so much grief he practically begged Moses and all of the Hebrews to leave Egypt.

And it's especially good to be Moses' brother, Aaron and his sons because according to the Word of God from Moses' mouth, every Hebrew has to give up the best materials to build an ark, alter, church and clothes to be used to worship God by Aaron and co. as the priests. Every Hebrew also has to give up the best of their livestock and grain to be used as sacrifice by the priest, and only the priest can consume the leftovers, all in honor of God and His Word from Moses' mouth and only then will you be free of sin.
Then in Leviticus, there are very specific instructions how to prepare the sacrifice for the priest to offer to God. Sounds like one of the greatest cons of all time or the story of every politician and public official --how to get the people who actually do all the work to support the few who have nothing to offer but lies and a belly to feed.

And the treatment of women! they are depicted as no better than livestock and slaves. If you rape a girl and find that you like her, just throw her father a few shekels of silver and you can have her as your wife. Do people who believe in God actually read this shit? Or do they just pick and choose the stuff they like-- much like koreans and their rules? Somehow I don't see reading this is going to make me into a believer anytime soon. It sure helps pass the time though.

I have to say God, as betrayed in the Old Testament, sure is a vengeful, jealous asshole. He/She isn't very nice or forgiving at all.

We had another exercise period today. It's really nothing more than all the detainees in our cell block standing outside for 10 minutes and talking.

One of the other Nigerians gave me Oliver Twist and a Tale of Two Cities to read. I'm getting quite the classical education here.