Wednesday, 8 August 2012

(Day 19) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 6

I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was in high school, sitting in class about to take an English test. My arrogant teenage self-- which isn't really much different from my arrogant adult self, accept then I only thought I knew everything, now I really do-- was bored and wondering what the point of the task was at the time. Sitting on a desk, at the front of the classroom, were a bunch of objects. We were told to pick one and write a descriptive story involving the object and emphasize it was vintage using metaphors and idiomatic expressions. My teacher came by my desk and told me to just write random thoughts and weave it into a story  and stop trying to be funny.

I replied that I wasn't ever trying to be funny and I wasn't even aware it was funny.
The weird part wasn't the dream, but after I woke up, I actually started writing this story as instructed by my teacher, in my head. I've almost finished this notebook, so I soon as I get a new notebook, I will actually write this story down and it will be my first work of fiction.

As predicted, Korean TV stations are showing repeats of the Korea vs Switzerland football game, instead of yesterday's Korea vs Brazil game, because Korea won the Swiss game, but lost against Brazil 0 to 3.
I got a visit from the Mapo prosecutors office today. The dude who send me to jail, drove all the way to Suwon to try to intimidate/convince me to withdraw my request for a formal trial. He told me that they would have to drive me back and forth between the jail, detention center and court and it would cause too much paperwork and hardship for them. He also tried to tell me that scheduling a trial date could take months and I would have to stay in the detention center until then.

Typical. They only want to follow the rules when it's convenient for them. As soon as it's inconvenient, they try to get you to change your mind.  When that happens, you know you're on the right track.
If I keep it up maybe it will cause them such hardship that they will just give up and let me go on my way to Thailand. If they follow through with trial date and jail, then instead of 180 days in jail, maybe I'll spend 80 days in jail at the most. If the judge rules in my favor and charges are dropped, I may not spend any time in jail.

Whatever happens, eventually it will be over and I'll be on my way, as planned. All I need is patience and time. Time I have plenty of. Patience is a whole other story...