Tuesday, 7 August 2012

(Day 18) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center-day 5

I just finished writing my objection to my deportation and I have three copies --one for immigration, one for the Canadian embassy and one for the NHRCK (National Human Rights Commission of Korea). Both my mom and I are of the opinion that if I make enough noise they will give up and just let me go to Thailand as planned. I will meet with my caseworker after lunch and we'll see what happens. I am optimistic. My objection letter is polite and I just stated the facts of my case. I don't disagree with leaving Korea-- that's what I was trying to do in the first place, but I do disagree with how I'm being forced to leave.

JU came by it with the rest of my belongings. it took him a couple of hours to get here, since the detention center in the middle of nowhere. I really appreciate all the help, after all the trouble I put him through, and it was nice to see a familiar face after almost three weeks behind bars. It's reassuring to have all my stuff in one place again, although I'll have to repack it all to get the weight of my bags down to fit airline regulations.
I was also able to shave and buy more pens and coffee. Since July 20th I've written over 40 pages and drawn more than 20 pictures (I gave quite a few pics away). I've used up almost three pens and one notebook. It's going to take a long time to transfer all of this to my computer when I finally get a chance.
There seems to be some confusion about my situation/case. Since I repealed my police charges and was released from prison, Immigration is not sure my deportation is valid. I may have to stay in detention until I go to court. If it takes more than two months, then I may as well have stayed in jail, since I was due to be released in two months anyway.

There is also the issue of two more charges that I have to deal with, but I may be able to get all of those charges dropped based on my evidence, location and time frame. I remain optimistic. I have faxed a copy of my objection letter to my contact at the Canadian embassy and submitted my objection to Immigration. During the exercise period, a couple of detainees came over to ask about my incidence with the guard yesterday. My situation/story has spread to the other detainees in other cells. I have become somewhat of a celebrity, like Spartacus. I'm quickly becoming so much of a problem that perhaps Immigration will just give up and grant my requests. As I mentioned before, I'm an expert in the art of defiance. Keep jumping through hoops as I present new loops. Given the opportunity to object, that's what I'll do.

If I manage to get out of this place and make it to Thailand instead of Canada, I've met three new friends from Bangladesh, India and Nigeria, so I have three new places to stay as I crossed the planet. The best part is, it is their home, so they will show me the right places to go instead of the tourist traps, and I'll have a translator as well.