Thursday, 9 April 2015

what to do...?

I find myself at a loss. I'm not sure what I should do with myself today. Normally, I would wake up, make some coffee, have a cigarette, and spend the next several hours going through Facebook, responding to correspondence and all the posts I agree/disagree with. I've made and drunk the coffee, had several cigarettes, looked at my email (nothing but junk), and the few other blogs I usually read, and now I'm done. What do I do next? I might actually have to do something productive... what a concept. A constructive day, instead of pissing it all away on Facebook.

It really is like a drug addiction, and I should know enough about that particular monkey on my back to recognize it for what it is. I can at least suppress some of it by looking at Twitter...

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Real names

Facebook has decided without any consultation or even any documentation or proof, that the name I have been using for the last 25 years is not “real.” The same name that is on my resume, my business cards, all my artwork, my email, every social media account I've ever signed up for, is no longer valid on Facebook. I can no longer access or log into Facebook with using my “real” name, so I quit. I lost hundreds of business contacts, all my fan pages and portfolio in the process, but if people can’t find me because Facebook has decided my name is not real, what’s the point anyway?

I wonder what the weather is like outside?