Thursday, 26 July 2012

July 26th, 2012 Day 6

I've been here almost a week now. I had a shower when I first got my inmate digs, 6 days ago. I haven’t showered, shaved, brushed my hair or changed my clothes since. Today, the barbers, also inmates, visited our cell block. He had to use clippers to shave my beard. Good enough. He didn't use a cape or towel to cover me though, so I have tiny hairs all over my body. I gave myself a sponge bath as best as I could in my tiny bathroom with only a cold water tap and a bucket. Not even a bucket really, more like a plastic basin. I washed my shirt, pants and underwear as well. Cell check isn't until 5 pm, so everything should be dry by then. I wish they would give me a comb or a brush. I don’t know why they won’t. Maybe they think I’ll make a shiv out it… turns out I have to buy it. I filed an appeal for my fine yesterday. Hopefully it will be considered and I’ll be out of here in days. Otherwise, I have 74 days of incarceration left. With any luck, my appeal will be accepted and I’ll be picked up immigration and be deported. Problem solved. Out of the country and avoid paying any fines. If I don’t get deported, I’ll be forced to get a job to pay of all my debts. It’s a pain in the ass, but better than jail. At least I have a bit of capital to get me started if this scenario plays out.

Lots of excitement today. One of the inmates cut open his foot, on purpose, it seems. Lots of guards running around. There was also an inspection by a group of bigwigs. That’s always fun… 10-20 men in suits walking past my cell, peering in—“look, we got a waygook in our zoo!”

The TV stayed on past midnight to show the Mexico/Korea Olympic football match. Terrible game. Korea kept messing up their scoring opportunities, final score 0-0.