Friday, 27 July 2012

July 27th, 2012 Day 7

Breakfast was more of a disappointment than usual. I don’t  expect much when it comes to rice and kimchi and soup, but today, the variation of kimchi was more akin to grass with pepper paste, except they forgot to wash the grass first. I could still taste and feel the dirt. 고들빼기장아찌… highly not recommended. I also got the new menu for the next month. It’s essentially the same menu as last month, but in a different order. Exciting culinary pleasures.

I was unprepared for the second roll call at 8:15 this morning. The warden asked if I had a watch. When I said no, he yelled at the other guards, saying it was their responsibility that I know what time it was. I may be a foreigner in a Korean jail, but I seem to get preferential treatment—within the guidelines of the rules, whatever those are.

I sat in on a seminar the first day, where I’m pretty sure the rules were told to me, but it was all in Korean… I also got a full medical check-up, so I know my blood pressure is good and I don’t have AIDS.

The guy who serves me my food has turned out to have an English name—Aaron. He gave me a magazine and a book. I’m so starved to read something, anything in English. The Harvard Business Review and a book about the best companies in the last 20 years is exciting stuff. Being in jail is like rehab at business school. No smoking or drinking, and the only English books I can get are about business. And I gladly read them. If I actually cared about math, statistics, percentages and stock analysis, I might even be good at it. Aaron also gave me an electric razor, so I’m clean shaven for the first time in a week. Now, I at least look normal instead of like some crazy, wild lunatic. If I could get a shower, I might even feel normal again.

It looks like my appeal wasn't approved yet, so I’ll be spending the weekend here. Hopefully, it will be approved soon; otherwise, I have 73 days to go. By that time 3 more charges will have been processed, worth another 150 days behind bars. At this rate, I could be here until April.