Sunday, 31 March 2013

(Day 254) Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center Day 4 (Part 2) D-?


2 eggs
soy milk
Lunchrice & kimchi
chicken soup
seafood salad
Dinnerrice & kimchi
potato soup
spicy squid

If it isn't the constant storing of toads all night, it's the army of ants trampling in and out of the bathroom for a couple of hours this morning. The wakeup time isn't actually in till 7 am, but beginning around 6, the same people sleeping soundly and snoring get up and decide to do their business while the rest of us are still trying to sleep. Its times like this (and only times like this) I wish I spoke Korean as this is the only common language everybody here shares, so I could express my displeasure in a way other than seeming like a raving lunatic. Courtesy is not a part of the Asian lexicon-- unless it’s hierarchical. The detention center is better than jail in some ways but those same reasons make it worse to. Having to deal with the rude inconsiderate people (myself included) is frustrating, but being able to socialize is nice too. The worst thing is the unknown. In jail I knew what day I was leaving, but here I don't have a clue how long I will be stuck here.