Thursday, 14 March 2013

(Day 237) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 142 D-14

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner = March 7

As predicted, I ate all the apples yesterday and only had one left today. I'll probably finish all the oranges today as well. I should eat more rice too. I'm almost too thin now and actually need to gain some weight. I just don't like rice. It’s so bland like starchy, mushy water. Unfortunately just water won't add any weight and I need the starchy, mushy part. Blech. First world problem.

I should be ashamed and thankful I have so much food everyday and here I am complaining about it. I wonder how many starving people would give up their freedom forever if it meant a decent meal 3 times a day? I think I would rather starve, but I've never been that desperately hungry. I've been poor and without food before but never long enough to become truly desperate. Would I give up my freedom? I don't think so, but would other people, who know of no other life but hunger?

If time could go any slower, it would be going backward and I would have discovered time travel. I read every single article in the paper no matter how uninterested I was in the subject... It’s remarkable how long it takes to read the business section. I've even started following stocks and exchange rates just for the hell of it. That Buffett dude has some really expensive stocks. Just one stock costs over $100,000. I'm assuming it's in US dollars. Samsung stocks are nearly the same numbers but in Korean Won, so in reality it’s about 1 percent of the cost. There. How much time did that take to write/read? That is time that's gone forever-- you'll never get it back. I hope it was worth it. It was for me.

I spent all day waiting for dinner. Not because I'm hungry but because it marks the time of day when everything winds down. The guards do the last roll call, the workers serve dinner and retire to their cages, the last two hours of some shitty drama are broadcast, the lights dim and I attempt to sleep through to the next day, which is one day closer to freedom. At this point I have “one more” left. One more Thursday, one more Friday, one more weekend, one more week. I can't make time go faster, so I hurry up and wait.