Friday, 1 March 2013

(Day 223) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 128 D-28

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner = February 7

Since tomorrow is a new month, I'm almost as excited about the new menu as I am about leaving in less than a month. It's like a broken record (a plastic disk, larger than a CD, that has little grooves on it that produce sound... remember those?)-- 27 more days... 27 more days...

The book I got from the warden yesterday afternoon is 3/4 finished and it isn't even mid morning. It's barely passed breakfast time, if I ate breakfast. I almost wish I was a slower reader, but only in this particular circumstance to make time pass by more quickly... 27 more days... Less than 4 weeks... Three more Thursdays... Three more weekends...

The rest of the day has been uneventful. I actually went outside for about half an hour because it was so warm and I wanted to stand in the sun, but it wasn't that warm and soon came inside again. I finished the book and read the newspapers cover to cover, even the boring business section which is really nothing but columns of percentages and statistics.

Now I'm back to nothing to do. I don't feel inspired to draw or write, but it's inevitable that I'll revert to that to stave off the boredom. I just ate, but I'm hungry again. That's the real problem with a total Asian diet-- hunger all the time, and I can't afford to buy any more snacks or treats or even coffee.