Thursday, 14 February 2013

(Day 208) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 113 D-43

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner = February 6

RB & JB loaded me up with some snacks—sausages, chicken, tuna, cookies, apples and milk. Even though it's pretty shitty luck to be stuck in jail because I'm too poor to pay my fines for defending myself from nationalistic yahoos, I'm lucky and rich to have such decent friends who take the trouble to visit me and hook me up with comfort foods to offset all the kimchi I have to eat.

Since it's Wednesday I had a shower as usual and washed my hair as usual, but instead of putting it back in a ponytail to dry I let it hang loose. As it dried, it turned into its normal, very curly state, instead of the artificially pulled back wave. The inmate/worker later asked me if I had a perm... I was taken aback. How dumb are some people? Where the fuck am I going to get a perm in jail? I hope/think he was joking. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

When it rains it pours... JU came to visit me today. He's been in contact with some other friends to try to raise some money to get me out of here ASAP. My hopes are not high, but it's nice to know some people care enough to try to help me so much. I'm so close to the end of it all anyway, I'm seriously considering, if my friends raise enough money to spring me from jail, to donate the money to an orphanage or some other worthy cause instead. On the other hand, getting out of here early would be real nice too...

The batteries I ordered on Friday should have been delivered today because of the holiday. They weren’t. My order was “lost.” Really PO'd.