Thursday, 17 January 2013

(Day 180) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 85 D-71

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = January 2

Translation gone wrong or too much Political Correctness? In the sporting section of yesterday's paper the Special Olympics was referred to as a sporting event for the “intellectually challenged.” What about all the athletes missing their limbs? Are they intellectually challenged too? How does a missing arm affect their mental abilities? Is the quest for political correctness in itself prejudice? Or is it a case of the editors for the Korean Times mistranslating the English?

Sometimes I wonder if the Korea Times actually employs any native speakers of English as editors. They should. They really need one. Especially since one of the writers just loves to use the same idioms that he has obviously originated himself, over and over again. If I have to hear about the Korean population aging in dog years one more time, I'll cry. I would do something more drastic, but I'm limited because I'm not allowed to have any heavy blunt instruments or sharp objects in my cell.