Wednesday, 2 January 2013

(Day 165) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 70 D-96


Breakfast coffee

shredded radish kimchi
pickled zucchini
Korean egg/kimchi pancake
kimchi soup
The only thing not kimchied was zucchini and the hamburger. The Hamburger was only because it was January 1st

potato/turnip soup
Chinese cabbage & onions kimchi
spicy chicken with rice cake & cabbage

I'm not sure about the Chinese cabbage/onion kimchi and the watery potato/turnip soup is bland and lazy. The chicken and kimchi is the same as the last time—good, but typical.

Happy New Year. It’s hard to convey the disdain have for the holidays this year and harder still to stay positive given the circumstances. All I know is the worst of it is over. As of next week, I'll have been at this particular place longer than I have left, so it’s all downhill from here and not much longer before I finally leave this country once and for all. This is where time begins to drag.

So far, off to a great start. It snowed the day before yesterday and yesterday, which means I “volunteered” to shovel snow from the exercise yard yesterday and today. What that really means is I've had a shower two days in a row as well as done my laundry and changed into fresh clothes each time. I also heard rumors of hamburgers being served. And... I finished the New York Times crossword puzzle completely today!

The hamburger was a joke. A pre-packaged bulgogi sauce, stale, cold joke. So close, but oh so very far away...

They showed up pretty good Korean cop movie where the criminal used a trained dog to kill their victims. it was pretty good until the chase scene of a dog that seemed to run faster than a cheetah, and the cop on a motorcycle chasing it. How could they track an animal running through the woods while driving on the roads? My suspension of disbelief deflated pretty quickly after that.