Monday, 24 December 2012

(Day 156) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 61 D-95

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = December 2

The only thing that feels Christmasy is the snow on the ground. Last year was pretty shitty too because it was the first Christmas without Her. The one before that wasn't much better since She was working all the time and we had drifted apart by then. I don't like Christmas. The last 3 have been shitty. Bah humbug.

Usually on Sunday, I plan my purchases for the week. One good thing about being able to order things on certain days is it makes it very easy to track your purchases and monitor your budget and, since I have nothing better to do, it takes up some time. The bad thing is I am able to watch my very limited funds dwindle downwards in an ever-increasing spiral.

I may not be a religious person (anti-religion, in fact), but I have to have faith that my financial circumstances will greatly improve when I'm released.

I’ve never done a spreadsheet on paper before... Excel rocks.