Friday, 21 December 2012

(Day 153) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 58 D-98

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = December 6

Once again, the guards have decided to change the rules because it's more convenient for them and they can't be bothered. Items we ordered on Monday, that should have been delivered yesterday, on Wednesday, are now delayed until Friday... Why? Because “yesterday was a holiday” is the answer I was given. No fucking shit yesterday was a holiday, so shouldn't things that should have happened yesterday, happen the next day? Like today? Whatever. I don't need to buy laundry soap to wash the clothes I've been wearing for a week. I'll just cancel all my orders and stop spending the very little money I have all together. Who needs laundry soap, shampoo body soap, toothpaste or toilet paper anyway?

I read in the International Herald Tribune today that even the Taliban in prison in Afghanistan are allowed to use computers. Terrorists. In a third world, war-torn country. And I can't even use my own laptop.

Today has not been a good day and now I have a headache as well.