Wednesday, 28 November 2012

(Day 131) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 36 D-120

sit-ups push-ups chair-lifts
100 0 80
Breakfast, lunch & dinner = November 7

A representative from the Canadian embassy is supposed to come here at 10 am. to check up on me. How nice of them to remember nearly a month later.

I have a couple bones to pick with them...
1.      My appeals were dismissed, not my cases. Big difference.
2.      I haven't been sentenced to five months in jail; I've been sentenced to fines totalling $8000. Paid today, leave today.
3.      I was never sentence or convicted since I never went to court. I was arrested for assault and obstruction of justice and subsequently, fined a total of $8000 for the offensive.
4.      Waiting 3 months at the immigration detention center for a chance to have my fine reduced was a waste of time.
5.      The lawyer was useless. He knew nothing about my case until he met me 5 minutes before I appeared in front of the judge at court. I could have defended myself better. His interference made things worse in my opinion.

My bones, so to speak, are concerned about the misinformation the embassy is relating back to my poor mother and daughter. As well as the quick response, great translation and interpretation skills. I'm thankful they got me a lawyer. It wasn't their fault he was incompetent, but maybe they could have suggested it more than a week before my court appearance. I walked into court totally unaware I still had two outstanding charges because I have been told they had been dismissed. My Embassy representative, who is ethnically and fluently Korean, should have confirmed this properly. I was blindsided in court and the fact these charges were still pending, had a lot to do with the appeal for a reduction of my fine being rejected. And it's also the reason I'm in jail right at this moment since I'm actually doing the time for those fines right now. The main $4000 fine doesn't come into effect for another 2 weeks.

So, let's assume that I still had a valid visa and those two charges really were dismissed on August 2nd. I would have been released from prison, as well as immigration and I could have worked until my court date three months later. I possibly would have had my fine reduced because the other two cases would have been dismissed and the judge wouldn't have seen them on my record. Then, I would have walked out of court and had another 6 weeks to pay off my possibly reduced fine.

Instead, I got released on August 2nd into immigration jail for 3 months; the other two charges were not dismissed as I was told to my great surprise in court, so now here I sit for a total of two hundred and fifty days instead of 40 to 160 days. Big fucking difference. So you can see why I may have a few bones to pick.
The bones are clean. My mom should be less worried tomorrow. I wasn't able to get Z’s address but my mom should be able to relay messages about my well being to her.

Who's the more trustworthy? Criminals are honest about being crooks. Lawgivers are crooked about being honest. However, although all criminals are crooks, all lawgivers are not. Everybody lies. The act of denying it is a lie.