Monday, 19 November 2012

(Day 122) Seoul Nambu Correctional Facility-day 27 D-129

sit-ups jogging chair-lifts
100 12 mins 100
Breakfast, lunch & dinner = November 5

Each morning, I wake up determined that this is the day I will start a morning routine. So far, the only thing that's become routine is my declaration that this is the morning I start and actually beginning today's entry in this notebook. My lack of physical motivation is legendary. I'm lazy and even when faced with the prospect of nothing better to do all day, getting started is the hardest part. Maybe it's hard to do, precisely for the reason that I do have all day to complete my task. This brings me back to the reason why I want to make it routine. Eventually, I'll leave this place and I'll no longer have all day. I don't want to stop doing the good habits I developed here. I guess time will tell. All I can do is keep on trying.

I finally managed do the exercise portion... It only took 2 hours to get motivated. The truth is, I'd rather read a book, which is what I did for the first two hours I was awake...

I cashed in some of my marker today, so my budget spending this week will be 0 dollars. Mr. K, bless his heart, ordered me some laundry soap, body soap, some more coffee and tea and some pants. He also bought me a couple pairs of underwear and a sweatshirt to keep me warmer in the upcoming winter months. He insists that I visit him in New Caledonia once we are both free of this place. See? Not all Koreans are greedy and selfish. In this case I am the greedy selfish one, although really I'm just collecting on our bet at his insistence. And I really am quite grateful for his assistance.

Now I find I almost have too much to do and not enough time in the day. I have books and newspapers to read, diaries, letters and books to write, pictures to draw, exercises to do... I may have to schedule a routine just to deal with it all out of necessity instead of a desire to develop good habits.